Internet is regarded as one of the greatest invention. It has provided access to limitless information and brought digital revolution in the world. But every innovation comes at cost and so is internet. Besides lot of advantages, there are also some disadvantages of internet.

Internet opens door to tons of information but at the same time wrong information is also available on internet. People deliberately share wrong information to mislead others in order to defame some organizations.

Internet provides entertainment to people of all ages, but it can also be addictive and time wasting. People can become addictive of playing games, surfing internet or watching movies for long hours without any positive outcome. They feel it difficult to divert their attention from internet to other productive work.

Using internet for long hours also creates health issues. Continuous use of internet effects eyesight and also results in pains and depression. It has changed life style of many people. People are continuously getting away from physical activities, which is injurious to health.

People connected with internet can also become victim of cyber-crime very easily. Internet connects all computers to each other so criminal minded people can steal identity, personal data and can also spread viruses and malicious files to destroy other computers or websites. They can also rob others through different spams and malware.

Internet is also full of violence. Following violence on internet can affect personal life of people and the way they think of others. They can get involve in violence as well. Such stuff can spoil the growth and future of teenagers.

Internet is the greatest platform for education, entertainment and connectivity but the negative use of it can be destructive and harmful.