Internet can be regarded as one of the greatest invention of mankind which has brought digital revolution in the world. It is a worldwide digital network with limitless access to information and global connectivity. It is the most used platforms in the world today. Students, doctors, analysts, athletes, writers, and people from any field, internet has become part and parcel of their life. Uses of internet are as many as one can think.
As internet has limitless and unrestricted access to tons of information, it is actively used for research purpose. It can easily provide any sort of information on any topic within seconds which can be freely used by researchers.
Today, this world is a global village just because of Internet. Internet is commonly used for communication purposes throughout the world. Social media networks, emails, websites, all have connected people around the globe and hence bridged geographical gap.
Sharing information is also another significant use of the internet. Files are uploaded using internet and the intended user is able to access different files. Sharing information using internet is easy and time saving. It does not matter where the files were uploaded from and where will it be downloaded.
Internet has also provided option of online shopping. Now one can purchase or sell products globally on just single click. It is done through e-commerce which has significantly enhanced business around the globe.
Education and personal development can also be done over the internet by using already available educational materials. Distance learning programs and webinars are also offered over internet, which are also beyond geographical limits. Electronic newspapers and magazines fall here.
Entertainment is another common use of internet. You can watch your favorite sport, movie, news programs, and cartoon or play games over internet in your leisure time.
So, it can be concluded that whether it is entertainment in free time, conducting global business, connecting with different people in different parts of the world or to learn and gain knowledge, internet is the greatest global platform.