Internet is regarded as one of the greatest invention. It is a global network connecting millions of people together and providing access to unlimited information. It is a most used platform for information seeking and sharing, official communications, monitoring, learning and research purpose. There are many advantages of using the internet but there are also some drawbacks if not used cautiously.

Internet gives access to unlimited information. From basic general knowledge to detailed and historic information for research purpose, all information can be easily obtained through internet within no time. It has also enhanced the connectivity among the people around the globe. It is internet which has converted this world into global village through its connectivity. Internet also provides vast opportunity for learning, education and self-improvement. There are millions of free and paid learning resources which can be used for education and self-improvement. Internet has also created opportunity for online business with global presence. Internet has also saved time by providing web portals for shopping, different types of payments like utility bills, job interviews over video calls etc.
With its uncountable advantages, like any other inventions, the internet also has some disadvantages. Internet opens door to tons of information but at the same time wrong information is also available on internet. People deliberately share wrong information to mislead others in order to defame some organizations. Internet provides entertainment to people of all ages, but it can also be addictive and time wasting. People can become addictive of playing games, surfing internet or watching movies for long hours without any positive outcome and wasting time in non-productive activities.  Using internet for long hours also creates health issues. Continuous use of internet effects eyesight and also results in pains and depression. Cyber-crimes like Identity theft and stealing personal data are also very common.

Although there are some disadvantages of internet but these disadvantages cannot overshadow the numerous advantages of using internet. If internet is used after proper education and with security measures, it is the best help tool for the people of every age.