It is a hot summer day. Outside the sun is scorching the plants and trees. The wooden walls of the houses and shops have cracked in the heat. Sweat oozes out of bloodless bodies of the people. Stinging flies torment all. Because of the heat the ants have gone deep under the earth for coolness. The birds are hesitant to come out of their nests. The wind is blowing hard grains of sand here and there. The tiny scattered plants in the plain have withered. The plain is shaking because of the intense heat. There is no cloud in the sky to cast a shadow. There is not enough wind to bring the wind mills into motion. The pounds of water have grown empty because of heat. The thirsty cattle are standing by them. They are hopeless about water. From morning to evening flies tease them. They shake their heads and strike their feet against the ground. Before the advancing army of heat, human beings have retreated into their houses and basement rooms.